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hi Sygan, 

Thx for your reply. We already shot the video, yet perhaps next time!

Have a look



Hi, did you read my message below? What do you think? Your game is just great

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yeah sure do it!


I just saw your trailer of your game. The idea is great. I am new on itch, because I want to make a music video in "lets player" style for an independent german singer songwriter Peterlicht ( So I am looking for vr games which I could use for this. This could be a good advertising for you. At least if the musicvideo is good. Is this interesting for you? Projects from my partner and me you´ll find her:



I was using my vive with revive on it, Does it only work with a dk2? It wont come up in my vr headset..

That game was a lot of fun to make! Can't wait for future game jams. :)